The Rabbit Hole (Minneapolis, MN: Midtown)

rabbit hole
We made 8pm reservations at The Rabbit Hole last Tuesday.  The Rabbit Hole just opened up in Midtown Global Market from the chefs of the Left Handed Cook.  The Rabbit Hole is an enclosed sit-down restaurant with servers, unlike the Left Handed Cook.  It features dark wood booths, a long bar, and an open, bright kitchen. The team describes it as explosive Korean flavors with a funky bar program and an eclectic dining room.

rabbit hole
Each table comes with a buzzer that calls your server.  A flashing light and bell rings in the kitchen and your server comes immediately.  The benefits?  No hovering servers, more efficiency for the front of the house, and immediate service for the guests!  That gold tea pot with metal cups?  It’s your water.

rabbit hole
The food menu isn’t quite up to date on their website so I posted it here.

rabbit holerabbit hole
Soju cheers!

rabbit hole
Ian ordered the Watermelon Salad (Cucumber, Mint, Arugula, Bleu Cheese, Bacon Vinaigrette, $7) and enjoyed it.

rabbit hole
Adam got the Beef Tongue (Two 3oz. Skewers with Wasabi, Pickled Onion, $7) and loved it.

rabbit hole
Kenny ordered the Charred Green Bean (Onion, Almond, Garlic, Black Bean Sauce, $7) and gave them a thumbs up.

rabbit hole
David and I ordered the Duck.. Duck… Duck…(Rice Cake, Duck Confit, Onion, Gochujang, $8) and loved it.  Korean rice cakes are dense little dumpling like bites- almost like a dense dumpling you’d find in a southern chicken and dumplins.  These rice cakes are the Korean version of Italian pasta- Koreans eat a whole plate of these rice cakes in a delicious gochujang sauce (a red pepper sauce- slightly spicy but not really!  It’s more about the flavor than the spice.)  You got some crispy duck skin and shredded duck confit which made for a great small plate.  We would order again.

rabbit hole
Korean Chicken Wings (Soy Garlic Sauce, $9) are a very popular choice- often more crispy than “American” chicken wings.  These wings were seasoned well, fried well and were ultimately a favorite of the table.

rabbit hole
Bacon Haemul Pajeon Pancake (Scallop, Crab, Scallion, Soy Dipping Sauce, $10).  Almost like a seafood potato pancake- texture wise.

rabbit hole
The Omma (6oz. Patty, Seared Pork Belly, Parmesan, Crispy Onions, Bacon Jalapeño Jam, Lettuce, Tomato, Picked Watermelon Rind, $12).  We really enjoyed this burger and fries.  The parmesan was a great salty touch.

rabbit hole
Cut the Omma open and you can see it all!

rabbit hole
The Appa (6oz. Patty, Smoked Bacon, Bleu Cheese, Gruyere, Bourbon Onions, Arugula, Tomato Jam, Kimchi Aioli, Fried Egg, $12) was also enjoyed by the table.  Overall we had a great time at The Rabbit Hole- great beer selection, cocktails, soju, small plates and burgers.  Go check out this hip Korean gastropub in Midtown Global Market!

Best Bets: Duck..Duck..Duck, Chicken Wings, Appa Burger, Omma Burger

Cuisine: Korean
Bar: Yes
Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten-Free: Maybe / No/ Maybe
Entree Range: $11-19
Waiter Service: Yes
Outdoor Seating: No
Credit Cards: Yes
Parking: Midtown Global Market- validate for 2 free hours
Good for Groups: Yes

The Rabbit Hole
The Midtown Global Market
920 E Lake St. Minneapolis, MN 55406
(612) 208-0428
Mon- Thur 4pm – 10pm
Fri- Sat 4pm – 11pm
HAPPY HOUR! -bar only 4pm – 6pm

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