Hmong Market Photo Journal (St. Paul, MN)

hmong market st paul

Hmong Market is essentially a large market with toys, clothing, other goods and an expansive food court.  If you really want to immerse yourself in something different, take a trip here!  A group of us went for lunch one weekend and we had a great time.  The majority of the vendors speak very little English, so be prepared to point and use your fingers to communicate prices.

hmong market st paul

hmong market st paul coco's

Chicken Larb, Pork Ear Salad Larb and Beef Larb- all small $4, large $6.  These larbs are great but extremely spicy!  I got a small chicken larb and it was huge (see below)!  The meat itself is cold- like a chicken salad.

hmong market st paul larb

hmong market st paul fish

hmong market st paul 5 star deli

hmong market st paul bt

hmong market mushroom

Steph ordered some type of mushroom broth in the hopes that it was vegan.  Let’s just say Hmong Market isn’t the place to go if you’re vegan or you have dietary restrictions.  Very few vendors could explain in English all the ingredients that went into a dish.

hmong market st paul

hmong market coco's

hmong market st paul cocos

hmong market st paul papaya salad

Papaya Salad from Coco’s Island Papaya.  Very refreshing, sweet, sour and spicy!  Beware of the spice  mild tastebuds!

nyob zoo kitchen 2

nyob zoo kitchen

one stop restaurant 2

one stop restaurant

hmong market chai's

hmong market st paul

hmong market papaya kitchen

hmong market st paul

hmong market st paul donut

For the unadventurous eaters, they always have a plethora of fried food!  Fried chicken wings, white rice, fried spring roll and a delicious fried sugar donut.

hmong market bubble tea

For more information, head over to Heavy Table or City Pages!

Best Bets: Bubble tea, sugar donuts, papaya salad, sausage

Cuisine: Hmong, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Asian
Bar: No
Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten-Free: Questionable / No/ No
Entree Range: $3-7
Waiter Service: No
Outdoor Seating: No
Credit Cards: No
Parking: Private lot
Good for Groups: Yes

Hmong Market
217 Como Ave St Paul, MN 55103S
Mon-Sun 8am-8pm (best times to come Sat/Sun 11am-2pm as some places are closed outside those hours)


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