Korea Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN: Dinkytown)

korea restaurant dinkytownKorea Restaurant is a little hole in the wall Korean place in dinkytown, the U of M university area of Minneapolis. We ate here for a cozy dinner one snowy night in late December, when all the students had left town for the holidays.  Since then, we’ve gone back several times for lunch.  During lunch, the restaurant has been filled with students (many of them appearing to be Korean) slurping down their meal.  Korea Restaurant is perfect for a generously large, satisfying and inexpensive meal (especially factoring in leftovers).korea restaurant menuTheir menu is a huge poster of pictures with numbers to identify the dishes. They have a ton of options so take your time to decide!  Once you decide, go to the register in the back, order your dish, pay and sit down.  A bell will chime and your receipt  number will be displayed when your food is ready.  Make sure to collect your napkins and utensils by the register when you collect your food.  Water cups are available by the water cooler as are to-go containers.  Once you’re done, clear your tray yourself.
korea restaurant#36 Haemul Dolsok (seafood hot stoneware rice with vegetables and egg, $10.49).  A good amount of this large bowl was rice and on top of the rice lay the seafood stir fry.  All dishes come with banchan (little free appetizers- including zucchini kimchi, cabbage kimchi, savory potatoes, bean sprouts, tofu and soup).
korean squid

#29  Mandoo Guk (vegetable dumpling beef broth soup without rice, $9.99).  This soup was awesome and so filling- Korea Restaurant uses huge flavorful vegetable dumplings, which is so different from other Korean restaurants around town.  I think these vegetable dumplings are even better than their meat counterpart.  The broth was peppery and seasoned- which often isn’t the case with Mandoo Guk.  I loved their version of Mandoo Guk and will definitely be ordering it again.


Spicy Seafood Soup.  Huge, huge portions!  David said it was pretty spicy with a heat that lingered after you stopped eating.  The soup was filled with lots of vegetables and other seafood goodies like squid and mussels.

korean banchan

#19 Soon Tofu Chige (spicy soft tofu soup with seafood and vegetables, $9.99).  The Chige was steaming hot and full of soft tofu.  Great flavor and a great warming dish for the cold Minnesota nights.

Best Bets: Soon Tofu Chige, Spicy Seafood Soup, Mandu Guk, potato banchan

Cuisine: Korean
Bar: No
Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten-Free: Yes / No / Yes
Entree Range: $8-13
Waiter Service: No
Outdoor Seating: No
Credit Cards: Yes
Parking: Private Lot
Good for Groups: Yes

Korea Restaurant
221 Oak St SE Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 746-0559
Mon-Sun 11 am – 9 pm


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